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  The official birth of the Lyon Method dates from the publication in 1827 of a book by Charles Gabriel Pravaz: "New method for the treatment of deviations of the spine". Charles Gabriel Pravaz was not only a doctor, but also an engineer, a pupil of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris. He is the inventor of the syringe, but above all he is the first to combine exercises and orthopedic devices to reduce vertebral deviations.
In Lyon, he founded the "Bellevue Orthopedic and Pneumatic Institute" where his methods are applied. The majority of the principles of physiotherapy were already used at that time: active axial elongation by climbing rope and spiral ladders, nocturnal vertebral traction, correction devices in the frontal plane. A large swimming pool illustrates the coupling of physical activity with mechanical means of correction.
One of the engravings in the book provides a better understanding of the characteristics of the Lyon Method. The patient is placed in the scoliosis correction position very close to the current Schroth posture. The feet are on a rocking platform called “orthopedic swing” and illustrates the reprogramming of the sensors of the extra-pyramidal postural system in corrected position which is at the basis of the Lyon Method...



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JC de Mauroy


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    Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (FR)
    Medical doctor


    - Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
    - Biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system
    - Electromyography
    - Osteopathy and Manual Medicine
    - Sports Medicine

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    - 1972 – 1987 Centre des Massues - Lyon France Head of department of Pediatric Orthopedics under the Direction of Pierre Stagnara
    - 1987 – 2019 Clinique du Parc – Lyon France Head of department of Orthopaedic Medicine President of The European Spine Centre

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Special thanks to Rosemary Marchese and Andrea Lebel who carried out the first phase of testing for physiotherapists.

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Lyon Method for non surgical treatment of Scoliosis and other Vertebral Deviations.
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The Lyon Method is based on the physiology of posture, i.e. on the extra-pyramidal system.This reprogramming of the sensors of the extra-pyramidal system is carried out in a hypercorrected position by the new Lyon ARTbrace. You will learn new skills in scoliosis non surgical management.





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